Our work consists on improving social issues and economy in African countries.
    We cover the exploitation of the energy resources in the investment plans for African countries.
    The projects that we develop consistently cover a social assistance program for the local population.
    We act in a permanent concern of the nature protection for the new generations’ well being.


Jean Marc Henry and Oilbond-Capital   intervened  for economic  and/ or humanitarian projects in the following countries :

  1. Kenya

    In Kenya, we work to improve the economic  growth of the country  through the infrastructure development  and the clean energy solutions .En savoir +

  2. Tanzania

    Tanzania has really  main prospects  for the development despite its poverty. Our goal is  to promote the economic growth of the country  by investing  in the  logistic infrastructures  (port and airport), in the medical, technological and  agricultural areas. In order to secure the energy resources of the country, we work  in the storage and  fuel delivery solutions as well. En savoir + 

  3. Somalia

    This country is widely open to the ocean asks only  to  take benefit  from port infrastructure up to its potential  for commercial exchange. A port with a large logistical capacity would allow an unprecedent  economic  growth  for the country.  It is worth  building a port infrastructure as well. These major infrastructure projects  are currently  under  study.  En Savoir + 


  4. South Sudan

    South Sudan has good  prospects in the future,  we work on building   infrastructures  that will allow them to do so, especially  at the road network level. We also develop the oil company and we study the improvement  of the hospital  structures as well  to cover  the money that the population need.  En savoir +

  5. Nigeria

    We cannot ignore the immeasurable  development prospects of Nigeria.   Our actions will be focused on the oil infrastructure development in order to reinforce the potential of this economic sector. Very concretely,   we plan to build a storage facility for refined products : the first one  with a capacity of 400 thousand tons, and the second one  can handle 1 millions of containers per year.  En savoir +

  6. Uganda

    Uganda is a country in  an emerging nation that  has many assets , a  human and high economic potential.  We study an investment plan in oil products, agriculture and in the necessary  infrastructures  related to the  market  logistics,  the building of welcoming structures and taking  care of the population’s emergency needs as well.  En savoir +