The question about the independence and the development of Africa under all its shapes is an on-going subject of many debates. Jean Marc Henry, expert in development, economic strategies, fund investment and geopolitics raised the matter about the conditions in which Africa is going through since several decades. He eagerly emphasizes on peace and development in Africa because, according to him Africa overflows with potentials that African leaders should exploit.

For Jean Marc Henry,it is time for Africa to take its destiny in hand. African peoples must be aware that the solution of Africa’s problems lies not in the hands of western people but rather in their own hands. From that, Africa will be freed from its old demons and build its future.

Well known in the sphere of African leaders, he is characterized by his desire to see an Africa in peace and developed. He is always militating so that African societies may share interest in favor of poverty. Daily, he always fights for a policy of sharing at the highest level of the state for a distribution of resources in the respect of the people.
According to him, “to want to develop and invest in Africa is not sufficient to pretend to know Africa”

Africa is a“ mother nature”: it is necessary to know how to love it, to understand it and respect it. The day we will integrate the fact that Africa is a raw diamond that only need to be carved as it deserves it; that only day we will be able to say that we have developed Africa in the respect of it soul.

He spends most of his energy in human development everywhere through the construction of several orphanages in Africa. Jean Marc Henry passes his life far from his domain of activity in expeditions throughout Africa where he undertakes social actions . Being a sponsor of many orphanages, Jean Marc Henry says that he fulfills a careful ministrations that come from the bottom of his heart.
He has many ambitions among which his endeavor to work hard for development and peace in Africa. He has hopefully planned to increase things. Member of the World Organization for peace, his writings, full of meaning on his Facebook profile and his blog describe him as an adept of development in Africa and as a partisan of the fight against poverty.
He has been able to materialized numerous human actions. In Cameron, in Congo, in Nigeria, in Syria and in Yemen, the 46 years old man and father of a child has never stopped supporting children in difficulties whom he nicknamed “the abandoned alone”.

During his last visits in Burkina faso, the man promised to build the biggest orphanage of Africa. Jean Marc Henry remains a value on whom African people can rely in order to set their continent free from neo-colonialisation and start the trails of its development.

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